Teacher Resources

Dear Teacher,

You would like to use Classloom at your class but don’t know how to start? Here we offer you a quick guide and the following resources which you may need to tell your parents about Classloom.

First browse our Quick Guide to get started to use Classloom easily

Classloom Quick Guide

Send a letter to your parents about Classloom

Before opening a group and sending online invitation directly, print and copy this Classloom Introductory Letter and send them to your class parents with your students.

Click for Classloom Introductory Letter
Note: The letter is in Word format so that you can make changes according to your own will.

Request parents’ email addresses

You will need email addresses of your class parents in order to invite them to your Classloom group. If you don’t have the email addresses, you can collect by printing and copying the following “Email Address Request Form” we have prepared for you. You can add this form to the Classloom Introductory Letter and send with students to their parents.

Click for Email Request Form (PDF or MS Word)

Tell parents about Classloom at parent-teacher meeting

Introducing Classloom to the parents at your next parent-teacher meeting is another option you may choose. You can use the following presentation to show parents "What is Classloom ? What does it for? Why will you use it? Etc." At parent-teacher meeting you can distribute Classloom Email Request Form to parents and easily collect their email addresses. You can also send this presentation to parents’ email addresses for future reference.

Please do not hesitate to customize the presentation according to your class and Classloom group.

Click for Classloom Parent Presentation