I’ve found a wonderful application which we may share content with teachers and class parents. In Classloom we can add all school events, chat to each other, follow our kids’s school tasks and share photos and documents.

I thought that you may use the Classloom for communicating with your class parents and teachers. By signing up Classloom you can create your own group and invite teachers and class parents right now. If you like more information about Classloom you may visit the web site at
What Is Classloom?

• Classloom is a 100% free social platform dedicated to help parents and teachers share information with each other and have a better and more qualified communication. In Classloom, parents and teachers can open classroom-specific groups and share events, homework, pictures and documents and easily communicate with others.

• Using Classloom is really easy! All you need is a computer or mobile device with an active internet connection.

• All group content can be visible just to the group members. Others can not reach your group content.

• With Classloom, you no longer worry about losing parent contact information in large Excel files. You no longer have to worry about papers and written materials sent from school. As parents, you can follow important school events, event pictures, tasks, documents, announcements, parent conversations in a single view with Classloom.

• Weekly / instant mail alerts notifies you of all updates in your Classloom groups. You never miss a school event.

• You can initiate instant communication with your child’s teacher and other parents and be more involved in your child’s education and development.