How It Works?

Using Classloom which is designed as a typical
social media platform, is really easy.

Sign Up Classloom

Sign up Classloom directly by filling in your name and e-mail address
using “Sign Up” field on homepage.

Create your profile

When you register, the system will automatically redirect you to the
“My Profile” page. All you need to do is to fill in your profile information!

Join a Group!

You can create a group or
request to join an existing one
whenever you want.

Join a group you've been invited

If you access the system using a Classloom group invitation e-mail, the system will automatically add you to the group and this group will be listed on the “Groups” area on the left side of the page. You can start sharing with a single click.

Request to join an existing group

You can search groups either by group name or school name. You can instantly request to join the group. Once your request is approved by Group Admin, you will be able to access to and share with the group.

Create your own group

By clicking “Create new group” link, you can create your own group and invite your classroom parents and teachers to this group. Creating a group is really simple and quick.


Enter the name of your group. It is strongly suggested to include your class name but not to include the name of the school. The system automatically adds the affiliated school under your group name and will display it on your page.


Select your grade


Select your school. If your school is already on the system, the autocomplete feature will help you find it. If you see the school your child is attending in the drop-down list, please select it. If not, add a new school.


You can select an icon or a picture as a symbol for your group.


As you proceed, you will be redirected to the “group invitation” page. Add the e-mails of parents and teachers to invite them. You can also make a Classloom search to invite registered users (you can invite users to your group at any time).


Congratulations! Now you have a group of your own. The system will automatically redirect you to the Group Homepage. Now you are able to create events, record homework and post announcements, documents, pictures into your group. Every member is able to view everything related the group on the group homepage. You are the founder and default admin of the group you created. If you wish, you may grant admin access to other users.

Share, chat and follow!

Events, homework, messages, announcements, chat and more...
All these features are available on a single platform.

Share events on your group page

You can directly create an event via the “Events” link on your Group homepage. You can add “Event Materials” for children to bring and notify other group members for important or emergent events via the e-mail notification system.

Share announcements in your group

You can make announcements to all Group members using the “Add Announcement” function. You can add pictures, documents or URLs to your announcements. Using instant e-mail notification, you can reach other group members for important and emergency situations.

Save homework

Beloved teachers, now you are able to upload daily homework assignments for your students, along with their deadlines, and notify parents of such assignments. If you wish, you can also add study papers, visuals or URLs.

Instant access to group pictures

You can view and access all group pictures via the “Photos” link. You can also create albums, tag students and parents and create a picture search based on student or parent names.

Chat with group members

In Classloom, each Group has its own wall. Just like all other social media tools, you can post on the group wall, add pictures to your posts and like or comment on posts submitted by others.

Access all features via the group homepage

The Group homepage enables you to view all group posts and events in a single glance. You can view forthcoming events and homework, latest announcements, posts on the group wall, personal messages and all other activities in the group in a single glance and view further details. If you are a member of different groups, you can easily navigate between groups using the single-click navigation bar.

Access the group agenda

All events and homework submitted to the group will be automatically added to the Group agenda. You can view the Group agenda on a monthly or weekly basis and navigate to the details of an event/homework with a single click.

Transfer events to your schedule

You can easily transfer group events to your Google, Outlook or Yahoo schedule easily, through instant e-mails sent to you.

Do not skip any details with instant and weekly notification e-mails

Based on your preference, Classloom sends instant or weekly e-mails to you about posts and events related to your groups. Weekly e-mails help you view and follow general activities of groups you are a member of.