FAQ "Frequently Asked Questions"

Classloom is created to enhance teacher-parent and parent-parent interaction. However, any group that has a common purpose or that is created to share information and documents (e.g. custom courses, project groups etc.) can use Classloom as a social platform.
Groups are essential for Classloom. You cannot submit any post and use group based features of Classloom without becoming a member of a group. All features of Classloom become available only after you create or join a group.
Sure. You may have several children or your children may be affiliated to several groups due to extra-curricular activities. For instance, there might be a group for your child’s classroom and another one for their basketball team, including different teachers and parents or you may wish to create/join another group for parents attending handcraft courses. This is up to you! There is no limit to the number of groups you can join.
Sure. Although Classloom is created to enhance teacher-parent and parent-to-parent interaction, teachers working in the same school or department may also need to communicate or share with each other.
In Classloom, creating groups or determining who will be the members of these groups are up to the users. There may be groups with several branch teachers or groups only meant for parents.
In Classloom, users with “teacher” status have no difference than standard users. However, if they are owner a group or assigned as an “Admin” member in a group, they can naturally moderate relevant groups.

Someone who creates a group is the owner and admin of that group. However, the owner of the group can assign different group members as “Admin” members.
In addition to standard features, Admin members can use the following extra features:

  • Assign/cancel the “Admin” status of users (only the owner)
  • Approve requests to join the group (All Admin members)
  • Delete a member from the Group (All Admin members)
  • Update/delete all content posted in the Group (All Admin members)
  • Update profile information of the Group (only the owner)
  • Delete or copy the Group (only the owner)
Classloom is completely free to use.
Groups are essential to use Classloom. In your Classloom homepage, you view information and posts related to groups you are affiliated to. Unless you become a member of a group, you cannot share or view group content or submit posts. For that reason, create a group or send a request to join an existing group on Classloom.
You can join Groups in two different ways:

  1. You are invited either by the founder or a member of the Group. You will be notified of this invitation via e-mail. Once you approve the invitation via e-mail, you become a member of the Group.
  2. You send a request to join a Group you find using the Group search. Once the Admin members of the Group approve your request, a notification will be sent to your e-mail address.

Following one of the abovementioned procedures, you will be able to view the Group(s) you are affiliated to on the left side of the page and you can click on the Group link to start sharing. You can exit from a Group anytime you wish.
Members of Classloom groups can submit events / homework / posts / announcements / pictures / documents to group pages. If the owner set "read-only" mode for the group, just the owner and moderators can submit events, posts etc. Other standard members can only access and view posts and download documents.
In Classloom, the user who submitted the content has the right to update or delete such content. Group members who are not “Admin” members do not have the authorization to delete your content. However, Group Admin members can update or delete all content posted on the group page.

Classloom notifies you of updates in groups you are affiliated through e-mail.

Instant E-mail Notification: Profile > Notifications page has a check-box titled “instant notification” and you will receive e-mail notifications for posts or updates on events of your choice in this group if this check-box is checked. In addition, for important and emergency situations, each member of the Group can notify all other members by selecting the “instant notification” option for any post.
Weekly Notification E-mails: Profile > Notifications page has a check-box called “Weekly Agenda” and you will receive each week, on Sunday, a notification for forthcoming events and homework for next week and announcements made in the current week, if this check-box is selected. 
Last Week’s Summary E-mails:  Profile > Notifications page has a check-box called “Last Week’s Summary” and you will receive each week, on Sunday, a notification summarizing posts and updates made last week, if this check-box is selected.

When creating your profile, you can select instant e-mail notification, weekly agenda and weekly summary e-mail options at the same time. In this case, you will be notified of updates both when they are posted and also in weekly notification e-mails.

Created groups are seasonal due to Classloom’s class concept. As long as member parents remain the same, you can copy a group along with all its members and then update profile information of the group and add/remove members (teachers, incoming/outgoing parents). When you copy a group, previous posts (homework, documents and pictures etc.) of the previous group will not carry on. You will have only created a new group with the members remaining the same.

However, as your children proceed to the next grade, you will meet new parents of different students. Old parent groups may become outdated. Classloom grants owners the authorization to close a group. However, if groups are not closed by owner but are inactive for at least 6 months, the system will automatically close them down. In such case, group owners will be notified of the closing 2 weeks prior to it due to inactivity. The owner can object to the closing within 2 weeks. If the owner does not object within 2 weeks, groups will be closed and their content will be deleted from the database.

Classloom keeps content and documents submitted as long as the groups are active and does not exceed defined storage limits. Submitted content are private for each group and all data, pictures and documents will be deleted when the group is deleted.

As long as the Group is active even if you leave the Group, pictures of you and your child added during the term of your membership to that Group will remain accessible from your profile. However, you will no longer have access to content and documents that belong to that Group. If the Group is deleted, you will no longer be able to view your pictures in that Group.

Please note that Classloom is not a data storage field but a social platform. Even if you have access to different Groups, downloading and saving documents posted in these Groups will be at your convenience and responsibility. For detailed information, please read the Classloom User Agreement.

Some of your personal information entered by you when signing up to Classloom is visible to members of groups you are affiliated to. Your profile information will be visible to group members as seen in the visual. Your mobile phone number and e-mail information will be only visible to group members.

Members of communities you are following will only be able to view your name and your profile photo on posts and messages submitted by you. However in no way will they be able to acquire your contact information. Your profile information will not be visible to users that are not members of groups you are affiliated to.

For more information on rules and policies about your privacy and personal data, please click here.

Classloom is an internet based service. The only thing you need to do to use Classloom is typing www.classloom.com into the address tab of your browser (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc. ). Other than that, you do not need any additional software or hardware.

Classloom is designed to grant easy access both from mobile devices and computers. The system will automatically detect the device you are accessing Classloom on and the relevant interface will be displayed. You do not need to download additional software to use Classloom on your mobile device, but only an active internet connection.

Classloom is here to simplify the lives of all mothers, fathers and teachers. Please notify your friends of this useful platform. Let them benefit from it. All you need to is to click on this link (INVITE MY FRIENDS).

If you wish to receive information on how to use Classloom, please first view the content listed in the help center. In addition, Classloom team members are always ready to answer your questions and solve your problems. You can send an e-mail to support@classloom.com and tell us about the problem you are facing. We will be more than happy to help you.

Classloom puts a lot of emphasis on user experience. Please do not hesitate to share your suggestions and opinions on how to use Classloom more easily and effectively. We aim to provide you a better experience and to save you time. You can send your suggestions to support@classloom.com . Thank you in advance.

Classloom is currently available in Turkish and English. You can change your language settings from your Profile. New languages will be added to the Classloom interface soon.